The starting point of Estrella Estevez’s work is wandering and drifting in natural and city landscapes; through this motion her work evolves by chance findings.
Her work is influenced by opposite forces in a world which surface rises and subsides, as a fragment extracted from an ever-changing landscape; and in so doing, it ranges from the observation of nature’s entropy to a plastic proposal.
Form and matter are the directive guidelines of her works’ transformation process. Transformation of «things»; organic transformation over time, like a fossil’s.
The artist’s approach is part of a larger movement that challenges classic and contemporary sculpture.
In its making, a sculpture takes shape through «fight» and «resistance». Her work is somewhere between this state of possibilities, it aims at establishing an aesthetic language through the materials’ own physical characteristics.

Estrella Estevez uses photography and video as well, and this allows her to be the witness of action and to reveal the sculptural dimension of some of her pieces.